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About Doriena

Born in the Netherlands, I spent a great deal of time in the forest near my home. This was a haven where I felt a deep sense of interconnectedness.


I found that same sense of interconnectedness while passing long afternoons in the sauna with my mother and her sisters. Saunas in Northern Europe are more than a place for relaxation. There, in the presence of these older women, I felt this sacred sense of acceptance where everything is held just as it is - sorrow when someone dies, exuberance at birth, and the witnessing of ones truth.


After living in Paris, I moved to Amsterdam and spent several years working with a theater company. Improvisational theater offered me an avenue for creativity where inner exploration was possible. Just as in the forest, I felt how every small action is connected to a larger whole. This strengthened my sense of trust and surrender in each moment.  I wanted to bring this sense of trust and inner exploration to others.

My role is to witness and facilitate the unfolding of your process so that healing and growth can occur. There are deep wells of knowing and wisdom in each of us. Through inquiry we access our essential curiosity that can lead to the truth of our Being. 


Please call me if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment
at 415-994-8789 or email me at

Doriena Wolff received her Certification from NAP, Netherlands Academy for Psychotherapy in Amsterdam in 1993. She is a teacher of the Diamond Approach in the Ridhwan School. The Ridhwan School teaches an integral spiritual approach based on the work of A.H.Almaas. She is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner,SEP. An approach to trauma developed by Peter Levine Ph.D. Her background in movement and theater allows her to support an environment of authentic expression.

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