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True healing is a dynamic process that takes place at a deep level that often moves beyond our mental capacities.


Our inner process can bring us to a place of clarity and deeper knowing. By inquiring and being present to what is unfolding, any challenge can become an opportunity to grow and heal. We can trust our wisdom to bring up what we are emotionally and spiritually ready to work on.


There are many doorways into our process. Our dreams, thoughts, physical sensations and feelings are here for a reason. When we don’t reject or hide them they become grist for the mill.




We have all learned to be out of touch with our feelings. When we were infants, we were able to use our bodies to express our needs. There was no separation between our bodies and our feelings. Slowly we learned to disconnect and we stopped feeling and we stopped breathing. We need to learn how to breathe again so we will reconnect with our bodies and our feelings. When we are out of touch with our bodies, our life and our functioning become unbalanced.


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